The Farmers Party

Sauti Ya Wakulima

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Farmers Party Aims And Objectives

The Farmers Party aims:
  • To establish a democratic Government of the people of the Republic of Kenya within the framework of pluralistic democracy and good governance; founded on the principles of Democracy, Justice, Liberty, and Accountability with special interest in the well-being of the country and respect for the rule of law.
  • To pursue protect and promote: farmers, civil, political, economical, religious, social and cultural rights and freedoms of the individuals, inter alias, the rights to life and human dignity, liberty and security, the right to property, participation in public affairs, fair trial and equality before the law, the freedom of movement and association, thought, conscience, expression, development, protection of the environment and the right to peace and security.  The party will pay special attention to the right to life and human dignity, fundamental rights and freedoms, gender equality, freedom of press, worship, liberty and security of the persons and property and the rights of workers, persons with disabilities, and minorities.
  • To pursue and promote economic, social and political development, for the mutual benefit of all people of Kenya; irrespective of their religious or political persuasion.
  • To nominate party candidate in respect of the presidential, Governors, parliamentary and Members of County Assembly during elections, and to establish a structure of the party leadership which is truly representative and democratic.
  • To promote and establish a fair and just leadership in the governance of the country and the party, devoid of corruption, nepotism, tribalism, and all forms of discrimination.
  • To promote and protect the unity, National integration, and sovereignty of the people of Kenya.
  • To advocate and work for the establishment and maintenance of professional organizations and welfare associations so as to ensure a healthy development of civil society as a strong foundation for democratic systems of government in Kenya.
  • To pursue and promote the rule of law and the separation of powers between the three arms of government – the legislature, the executive and the judicially.
  • To ensure the repeal and/ or amendment of all unjust and oppressive laws and promote law reform in accordance with the principles of national justice; on a continuous basis.
  • To promote and protect the independence of the civil service and de-link the public service institutions from engaging in active politics.
  • To support the requirement that the President term of office shall be limited to a maximum period of two terms as stipulated by the Constitution.
  • To encourage and promote a strong co-operative movement, managed and controlled by the members.
  • To promote a free market economy and pursue sound economic policies in order to achieve rapid sustainable human, economic and physical development.
  • To promote the protections of all public lands, utilities, natural resources i.e. the improvement, management and conservation of the environment and responsible utilization of all national wealth and resources, for the betterment of all Kenyans and future generation.
  • To formulate and pursue sound national population policies in order to improve the quality of life of all Kenyans.
  • To educate and create awareness among Kenyans, of all walks of life, on public matters, issues and party politics, with a view to enhancing and maintaining a just, open and democratic system/society.
  • To support regional and international organizations or grouping and achieving rapid social, economic and political development and innovations as well as creativity.
  • To support and promote world peace and abolition of all forms of oppression, tribalism, racism, chauvinism, sexism, social bigotry, nepotism, exploitation and discrimination.
  • To advocate and promote respect for elimination of all forms of discrimination against humanity, i.e. to guard against all forms of discrimination against men or women to ensure that such practices are punishable in law.
  • To pursue, promote and protect the right of workers in their demand for just salaries commensurate with their labour contribution in line with the cost of living, as well as to promote the right of the employers to demand commensurate output for the workers.
  • To promote the African Union, regional and sub-regional organizations, co-operation, and integration.
  • To advocate, promote and comply with the United Nations international bill of human rights, the African charter of human and people’s rights, and the conventions against torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment and any other international recognized conventions.
  • To pursue and to promote the full participation of women, youth and persons with disability in the management of public affairs and in development of Kenya.
  • To encourage and promote the full participation of women, youth and person with disability in the management of public affairs and in development of Kenya.
  • To encourage and promote the welfare and interests of all Kenyan farmers, sound land policy guaranteeing security of tenure of land owners, and to eliminate the squatter problem in Kenya.
  • To protect, conserve and improve the management of the environment and natural resources for the betterment of all Kenyans and future generations.
  • To ensure and promote the interests and participation of women in conduct of public affairs and struggle against gender discrimination in society.
  • To provide and improve health, social and welfare services so that the people can fully enjoy all the fruits of their industry and labour and raise their standard and quality of their living.
  • To ensure and secure the availability of quality education at all level for all Kenyans.
  • To promote rights of children and minors and protect them against any form of child abuse.
  • To educate Kenyans about their rights and obligation as citizens and the values and ideas of social democracy.
  • To promote social democracy internationally through co-operation with other social democratic parties.
  • To promote the strengthening of parliamentary committees and County Assemblies for the effective operations of representatives and just government.
  • To establish branches, sub-branches, polling stations working committees in all parts of Kenya as well as party secretariat and other subsidiary organs e.g. Board of Trustees, FP Election Board, Poling Station Units Working Committee Sub branches,
    • And Council of counties Cordinators Board.
  • To establish women and youth congress, council of elders and their working committers, at all levels of the party structures.