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‘We will Not Dissolve,’ Farmers Party Defies Malala, UDA 

NAIROBI, Kenya, March 23, 2023: Contrary to earlier media reports, the Farmers Party of Kenya is firmly intact and at no time has its requisite organs deliberated its dissolution and eventual absorption by United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

The Farmers Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) met in Nairobi and disowned claims by the new United Democratic Alliance (UDA), Cleophas Malala that the party had folded and joined the ruling party.

“Farmers Party of Kenya is intact as an independent legal body, contrary to misleading and confusing media reports that the party has merged with United Democratic Alliance (UDA),” read a media communique issued by the party organ.

At the same time after the party’s NEC meeting, the Party Leader, Mr Irungu Nyakera, expressed regret that, after meeting the new UDA Secretary General, Cleophas Malala, on February 17, 2023, a misleading media communiqué was issued saying that the Farmers Party was one of six Kenya Kwanza affiliate parties that had dissolved to join UDA.

“To the contrary, during the parley with UDA, discussions centred on areas of partnerships among Kenya Kwanza parties and not on mergers or dissolution of the partners. As such, whatever the media reported or was informed of is untrue as Farmers Party will not be dissolving,” regretted Mr Nyakera.

During the party’s NEC, all of the members agreed that it was paramount to embark on a national recruitment drive to grow its membership.

“In the wake of this decision, the party shall kick off a national recruitment drive of new members right away,” the communique further states.

At the same time, the NEC considered and approved maintaining the Farmers Party’s affiliation with the ruling Kenya Kwanza coalition, even though noting that most of Kenya Kwanza’s affiliated parties have been left out of the UDA government appointments, against what they signed under the Kenya Kwanza coalition agreement of 12th April 2022.

Farmers Party is the only political party whose ideals are grounded on empowering farmers by making agriculture more sustainable and profitable while observing principles of environmental health and social economic equity.

“As a party, we will continue advocating for policies that enhance yields, develop markets both locally and internationally, guarantee higher prices for farmers, and eradicate thugs, crooks, cartels, and criminals in the product value chains,” noted the party Leader.

At the same time, NEC petitioned the Kenya Kwanza administration to ensure that the gains made in the tea, sugar, dairy and coffee sectors are maintained and used to help farmers raise incomes, improve their livelihoods and guarantee food security for our beloved country.

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