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Why Update Your Safaricom SIM Card Details

Updating your SIM card details with Safaricom goes in line with the Communications Authority of Kenya’s (CA) mandate of ensuring that all customer mobile numbers are properly registered against the correct identification details provided by the owners of the SIM cards.

According to the CA, it is illegal to have a SIM card that is registered with incorrect details, and this is why you have probably been receiving push messages from Safaricom asking you to go to and update your SIM card details.

In an advisory issued by the CA, every owner of a SIM card must register the line at the relevant shops or authorized dealers.

If you haven’t registered or updated your Safaricom SIM card details, now is the time. Urgently visit the nearest Safaricom shop, dealer, or agent with original ID to get started.

This is particularly important if your details were erroneously entered, you changed the details of your ID, you lost your SIM card and can’t replace it, or if you are the rightful owner of a SIM card and the system tells you that it has already been registered by someone else.

Updating your details is a simple process that takes less than two minutes. This way, you don’t have to worry about being subjected to a lengthy process that consumes most of your time.

When you visit the nearest Safaricom shop, dealer, or authorized agent, they will:

  • Key in your mobile number
  • Scan the back of your original ID
  • Capture a photo of you and that on the front of your ID
  • Sign the online document (both the customer and the agent)
  • Then the agent submits the details.

Please note that the person who has registered the line must be the one updating it.  For example, husbands who register lines on behalf of their wives.

Similarly, minors must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian whose details will be used to register the line until they come of age. At this point, the two will also be required to visit a Safaricom Shop, customer care desk, Dealer, or Agent with their original IDs to update the details.

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